Saturday, July 15, 2017

Alt-18 Week of 7/15/17 (Portugal. The Man (10))

Only now did I realized that there is a lightning bolt in the logo. Look between the L&T and you will see. It is more visible in Advanced Placement.

Middle Kids-Edge of Town (#14)
Lorde-Perfect Places (#12)

The Alt-18 (with Annoying Madison):
18. Declan McKenna-Humongous (DEBUT)
17. Judah & the Lion-Suit & Jacket (#16)
16. Vance Joy-Lay It on Me (DEBUT)
15. The National-The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness (#17)
14. The XX-I Dare You (#15)
13. Manchester Orchestra-The Gold (#18)
12. Phoenix-J Boy (#11)
11. Cage the Elephant -Whole Wide World (#13)
10. Queens of the Stone Age-The Way You Used to Do (#9)
9. Muse-Dig Down (#8)
8. Arcade Fire-Everything Now (#10)
7. The Killers-The Man (#5)
6. Sylvan Esso-Die Young (#7)
5. Foster the People-Doing It for the Money (#6)
4. Alt J-In Cold Blood (#2)
3. Missio-Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea (#4)
2. Sir Sly-High (#3)
1. Portugal. The Man-Feel It Still (#1) (10)

Welcome to the Alt-18:
2 debuts this week, and the first comes from young Declan McKenna. Humongous is now his 4th song here on the Alt-18 and it is pretty good. This song could be as good as Brazil if the voters will let it. Humongous could rank in the top 5 soon.

Remember Vance Joy? He is back after a while. Lay It on Me was something I didn't expect to hear from him though. It feels much faster than Riptide and is not as catchy. Interesting though that he kept the acoustic vibe with this song. Looking forward to a new album by Vance Joy based on this leadoff single.

Only two female singers here. We need more.

Great jump by Manchester Orchestra going up 5 in their second week.

Alt J does not have much juice left for a run. I blame Feel It Still.

Ok, seriously can any song dethrone Feel It Still? It has not spent 2/3 of its time at #1. I'm offering bribes.

This weekend, Alt Nation had a bunch of bands over for summer sessions. They are airing at the top of every hour. Here is what was played.

Bleachers: Let's Get Married, Rollercoaster, Dear Prudence (Beatles cover), Don't Take the Money
Portugal. The Man: Purple Yellow Red & Blue, So American, Feel It Still, So Young, Revolution (Beatles cover)
Alt J: 3WW, Dissolve Me, Dancing in the Moonlight (Toploader cover), In Cold Blood
Young the Giant: Amerika, Art Exhibit, Something to Believe In, Red Moon (The Walkmen cover)
Cold War Kids: So Tied Up, Love is Mystical, Oh! Darling (Beatles cover)

My Top 5:
Missio-Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea
Alt J-In Cold Blood
The Killers-The Man
Manchester Orchestra-The Gold
The National-The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness


  1. There should be a payola investigation for this countdown. The record label or Portugsl the Man themselves must have paid off SIRIUSXM and alt FM stations to play their crap so much. Also, the top 4 has been stagnant for several weeks now. I've seen more activity on the Billboard charts.

  2. Also, the return of The Limp Wristed Vance Joy? Nobody asked for this.

    Only two female singers here. We need more.
    Did your university brainwash you into thinking that "diversity" is important? What matters is having songs that don't suck.